Agriculture and Plant

The NaVCIS Agriculture and Plant team works in partnership with industry to help protect communities from the harm caused primarily by the theft of farm and construction vehicles and machinery. Agricultural and plant vehicles are particularly vulnerable to theft, with assets sometimes stolen to order and shipped out of the country for re-sale on lucrative markets. Even a second-hand tractor can retail at tens of thousands of pounds. Yet compared to the car industry, in-built security features in agricultural and plant vehicles have been slow to keep pace to the increasing threat from organised crime. As a result, the financial and emotional impact to communities, particularly in farming and rural areas, can be severe. Supported by the National Farmers Union (NFU) Mutual, the aim of the NaVCIS Agriculture and Plant team is to prevent crime, pursue offenders, protect communities and help recover stolen assets. We gather information to assess the ever-changing national picture of vehicle thefts from farms and communities. We identify emerging trends, threats and risks and develop intelligence around organised crime groups. We provide operational packages to police forces and law enforcement partners nationally and internationally that are used to support proactive operations, investigations and prosecutions. We manage a fleet of ‘bait’ vehicles with tracking capabilities that are available to forces and are successfully deployed on a regular basis. We work directly with NaVCIS ports officers to identify the illegal export of plant and farming machinery and recover stolen assets. Together with NFU Mutual we attend auction sites to examine vehicles, tractors and trailers and prevent innocent members of the public from purchasing stolen goods, thereby thwarting criminals’ attempts to profit from their ill-gotten gains.

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