Vehicle finance investigations

The work of the NaVCIS Investigations team is the unit’s core business and is conducted primarily on behalf of members of the Finance & Leasing Association. These are companies who provide asset-secured finance to the public.

If a member suspects that one of their financed vehicles has been acquired by dishonest or fraudulent means, they can refer the case to NaVCIS Investigations.

The team is comprised of 18 officers and staff who specialise in this area of criminal investigation. Our wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable in supporting the finance industry’s investigative work and in professionalising the police service’s response to vehicle fraud and theft offences.

Prevent, pursue, protect

We treat a report from FLA members as criminal once all reasonable means of civil recovery have been exhausted.

The team researches each case, enhancing the intelligence picture and creating an operational package for forces that provides valuable insight and expertise to pursue offenders, disrupt organised crime, protect victims and prevent and reduce offending.

In 2017 NaVCIS Investigations handled more than 1,200 referrals and recovered almost 600 vehicles deemed as stolen from finance companies within the UK.

Stolen vehicles are often the target of organised crime groups linked to drugs trafficking, guns and gangs or even modern-day slavery, and are frequently exported from the UK.

As well as bespoke training relevant to the sector, team members receive City of London Economic Crime Academy Specialist Fraud training.

Intelligence operating model

The team generates and disseminates actionable intelligence packages around specific cases that support police investigations and enforcement actions.

This model can be summarised in five stages:

  • Assessment - to determine whether the case amounts to a criminal offence

  • Investigation - undertake primary enquiries to enrich the intelligence picture

  • Dissemination - disseminate a complete intelligence package to the relevant police fore or agency for further investigation and enforcement action and act as a contact hub in updating the originating FLA member organisation with progress.

  • Outcome - if the vehicle in question is located, liaise with the relevant stakeholders to have the vehicle recovered and released and update partners

  • Provide support to criminal investigations and any prosecutions