NaVCIS Agricultural

The National Farmers Union (NFU) Mutual sponsor the support provided by NaVCIS to the rural communities and agricultural industry in focussing on crime linked to vehicles such as tractors and quad bikes. The unit assesses the national picture of theft of vehicles from farms and rural communities. We identify emerging trends, Organised Crime Groups and provide intelligence to police forces and law enforcement partners nationally and internationally. Our aim is to prevent the theft/disposal of stolen vehicles and assist with the recovery of vehicles identified as stolen. A fleet of ‘bait’ vehicles with tracking capabilities is available to police forces, and has been successfully deployed on a regular basis and has led to numerous arrests and prosecutions. NFU Mutual and NaVCIS Agricultural attend auction sites to examine vehicles, tractors and trailers to prevent innocent members of the public from purchasing stolen goods and to prevent the criminals converting their ill-gotten gains into cash. They also work in conjunction with their NaVCIS Ports colleagues to prevent the export of stolen vehicles.