NaVCIS ports officers are trained vehicle examiners and our on-the-ground intelligence gatherers.

The team conducts checks on freight containers both leaving and arriving in the UK, as well as vehicles driven on and off at the ports, to identify possible stolen assets.

We focus our efforts on identifying links to serious and organised crime, particularly drug trafficking, people trafficking and firearms offences.

Whenever we seize an asset, we liaise with the relevant police and finance company (where required) to make them aware, update them on the state of the vehicle, and make the owner aware so it can be recovered.

We also take any immediate enforcement action, including arrests and securing evidence, as appropriate.

Our work at the ports helps build the national intelligence picture of the theft and export routes associated with high value vehicles.

We work in partnership with the Ports Authorities, UK Border Force, National Crime Agency, Environment Agency and HM Revenue & Customs.

Get in touch with the team

If you have any questions about our port operations, you can contact our dedicated port team via email.