The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) is a national policing unit that bridges the gap between policing and industry.

We work to disrupt criminality and protect communities from the harm caused by vehicle finance crime and serious, organised crime.

As a centralised, specialist police capability, we are dedicated to developing and sharing intelligence to prevent members of the public and businesses from becoming victims of economic crime.

Uniquely, we are entirely funded by industry. We make no profit; we spend all funds specifically on the designated areas.

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The work of our Agriculture and Plant team has been highlighted in Dr Kate Tudor’s Illicit Entrepreneurialism in the Countryside report.

The report details ‘selected findings on the impact, dynamics and policing of plant and agricultural machinery and vehicle thefts in the UK’:

“The support offered by NaVCIS in knowledge, training and information sharing was considered to be an invaluable resource in the fight against machinery thefts.”

“The current role played by NaVCIS’ Rural Vehicle Crime Officer has been pivotal in connecting police officers operating in disparate police force areas. The extension and development of this work is vital to effective policing in this area, as it has proved invaluable in equipping officers with specialist knowledge in relation to plant and agricultural machinery and vehicles, vehicle registration and security schemes, in addition to technological advances in the M.Os of offenders. Recognition of the success of this work ought to reflect the importance of offering further support to it in the future.”


Dr Kate Tudor

Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University