NaVCIS Freight | Membership funding model

NaVCIS Freight is entirely funded by industry. 


In 2021 NaVCIS Freight adopted a new funding model in order to sustain our services.

The funding model is crucial to ensure that NaVCIS Freight can continue targeting crime that affects the road haulage and freight transport industry in the UK.

Membership of NaVCIS Freight means that your organisation will have access to:

  • 26 fortnightly freight bulletins
  • 12 monthly freight reports
  • four quarterly freight reports
  • our annual freight crime bulletin

Please click on the images below to see an example of the reports we send to our members.


NaVCIS Freight Bulletin

NaVCIS Cargo Crime Update

Only NaVCIS Freight members, NaVCIS Trusted Partners, and law enforcement partners will receive these bulletins and reports. We have previously been able to provide this information to all industry contacts for free. However, this is no longer financially viable.

We are inviting all industry contacts to become members of NaVCIS Freight in order to continue benefitting from the analysis that NaVCIS Freight works hard to provide.

The cost of membership is determined by the size of your organisation (according to published annual revenue).

Current annual fees are:

  • small business: £700
  • medium business: £2,500
  • large business £4,500

NaVCIS is a national policing unit and therefore is unable to make a profit. As a result, we hope to be able to reduce the cost of annual fees as membership numbers increase.

If you would like to sign up, or for more information about membership, please email us at