Welcome to National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service

NaVCIS is the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, a Police Unit dedicated to the prevention and detection of vehicle crime and supporting our law enforcement colleagues both home and abroad. As part of the National Police Chiefs Council portfolio, we represent UK policing and provide support to National Crime Agency, UKBF and HM Government.
Whilst vehicle theft levels in the UK are far below the levels seen in the 1990’s, the sophistication and nature of the methods employed to commit such crimes means that UK policing continues to focus on tackling such crime. a.

NaVCIS is at the heart of national vehicle crime related issues and vehicle finance fraud prevention and detection, and is steadily growing its footprint in both public and private sectors, also disseminating key data, intelligence and advice to Police Forces, Industry, Government, Partners, Public and foreign enforcement agencies.

There are various strands to our work each working towards reducing vehicle-related crime. These are NaVCIS Fraud, NaVCIS Ports, NaVCIS Leisure, NaVCIS Agricultural, NaVCIS Freight and NaVCIS Intelligence.

Through the work of NaVCIS and our partners, vehicles valued in excess of £60 million have been recovered as a result of the work conducted by the NaVCIS Fraud team and their colleagues.