The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) is a national police unit that works to protect communities in the UK from the harm of vehicle finance crime and associated serious and organised crime.

A centralised, specialist police capability, NaVCIS is dedicated to developing and disseminating intelligence that helps forces pursue offenders and prevent crime.

We’re at the heart of efforts to tackle vehicle finance crime and take a lead on co-ordinating and professionalising the police response.

Supporting law enforcement partners

Our mission is to co-ordinate the strategic and frontline response to vehicle finance crime across the UK:

We do this by:

  • investigating reports of vehicle finance crime and providing specialist operational analysis, advice and support to UK police forces
  • developing strategic intelligence and analysis the supports UK police forces in tackling vehicle finance crime and associated criminality
  • developing and promoting crime prevention tactics and advice for the finance industry and wider communities
  • supporting UK police forces in investigating and preventing crimes relating to agricultural and plant machinery, leisure mobile homes and freight

Specialist capabilities

As well as vehicle finance crime, NaVCIS supports the police service in its response to other elements of vehicle crime including:

  • tracking technology, providing a link into tracking companies to develop better ways to recover stolen vehicles
  • specialist ports capability, providing recovery, enforcement and intelligence support
  • training, guidance and advice in specialist vehicle crime areas such as the caravan, motorhome and mobile homes, plus freight and agricultural sectors

Who we are?

The NaVCIS team is a mix of police officers and police staff, who have a vast range of experience across the policing sector.

A number of officers are currently seconded from Cheshire Police, Hampshire Constabulary, Nottinghamshire Police,  Thames Valley Police, Warwickshire Police, West Midlands Police and Port of Tilbury Police.

We also have offices based at two key ports in Southampton (Hampshire) and Tilbury (Essex).

Organisational structure

There are six teams within NaVCIS, some which are dedicated to a specific area of vehicle finance crime:

  1. Investigations (vehicle finance theft and fraud)
  2. Freight
  3. Agriculture & Plant
  4. Leisure
  5. Intelligence
  6. Analysis


The NaVCIS Governance Board is chaired by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Graham McNulty of the Metropolitan Police Service.

Current Board members include representatives of: