Targeting crime that affects the road haulage and freight transport industry in the UK

The NaVCIS Freight team is a highly-valued partner to the haulage industry, which suffers huge financial losses each year as a result of cargo crime.

Estimated to cost the industry hundreds of millions of pounds each year, the team’s role is to target crime that affects road haulage and freight transport in the UK.

Partnership working

Our team is supported by a collective of industry partners including the Road Haulage Association and the British International Freight Association (BIFA), along with UK cargo insurers.

By working alongside our partners, we are able to target these crimes, namely cargo thefts and thefts from trailers.

NaVCIS Freight membership

In 2021 NaVCIS Freight adopted a new funding model in order to sustain our services. Membership is open to the entire haulage industry: for more details, or if you would like to become a member of NaVCIS Freight, please click here

Scale of the problem

Freight and cargo is crucial to our national infrastructure; blockages or thefts in the supply chain can have a significant impact. Highly desirable cargos are targeted by organised criminal gangs, costing the UK millions in terms of the impact to producers, transporters and consumers.

NaVCIS Freight gathers and analyses national UK cargo crime data, looking for trends and identifying tactics to support cross-border investigations that pursue offenders and prevent crime.

Our work uncovers the many ways organised criminal gangs operate. Using regular intelligence bulletins and analysis reports, we share sanitised data with UK law enforcement, NaVCIS Trusted Partners and NaVCIS Freight members

Experts in the field

NaVCIS manages the UK National Freight Crime Database and receives notifications of cargo thefts from:

  • UK police forces
  • insurers
  • cargo surveyors
  • loss adjustors
  • hauliers
  • trade associations

This helps our partners stay one step ahead in identifying threat and risk, which provides them with opportunities to protect drivers and their goods from harm.

Our subject matter experts offer investigative support and advice to UK police forces investigating incidents of heavy goods vehicles (HGV), freight & cargo crime.

Get in touch

To find out more about our work or for information around NaVCIS Freight industry partnerships, please contact us.