Helping to build the national intelligence picture of theft and export routes associated with high value vehicles, leisure vehicles, plant and machinery.

NaVCIS ports officers are trained vehicle examiners and our on-the-ground intelligence gatherers by assessing shipping containers leaving the UK.

Stolen finance vehicles and other stolen vehicles are regularly located within containers and seized.

As a result of these seizures we develop intelligence and secure evidence, which is shared with relevant law enforcement agencies or industry partners.

This work often identifies links to serious and organised crime.

We work in partnership with the Ports Authorities, UK Border Force, National Crime Agency, Environment Agency and HM Revenue & Customs.

Our officers are based at three ports in the UK: Southampton in Hampshire, Felixstowe in Sussex, and Tilbury in Essex. 

The hidden truths within containers

The below photos demonstrate stolen vehicles concealed within shipping containers. Identified by NaVCIS ports officers, stolen vehicles are often hidden with containers using the methods shown below in an attempt to avoid detection. Fortunately, the expert knowledge of our team means that they are often detected and seized.

This is a key part of our ongoing mission to disrupt organised crime and protect communities.

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