Sharing positive results that NaVCIS have achieved both independently and whilst working with partner agencies. Here are the success stories from May.

NaVCIS operation recovers two items of stolen plant machinery
Estimated value: £50,000

Two items of plant were recovered by the NaVCIS Construction and Agricultural Theft Team in association with NaVCIS Intel and NaVCIS Ports. 

A Bomag Roller, stolen from Nottinghamshire in 2020 was intercepted at Harwich Port ahead of it’s attempted removal to Cyprus. 

A second roller, also stolen from Nottinghamshire was located in Poland and returned to the UK. 

Impersonation fraud attempt foiled
Estimated value: £51,500

NaVCIS leisure team tracked and located this caravan that was the subject of an impersonation fraud in Sutton Coldfield.

The caravan was taken on 3rd May and subsequently recovered at a rural used car sales location in Kidderminster on 12th May.  

Range Rovers found in shipping container
Estimated value: £100,000

After a report of suspicious activity surrounding the use of a shipping container, NaVCIS ports officers conducted further investgations.

Two Range Rovers stolen from West Yorkshire were found inside the containers that were due to be shipped from Southampton to Jebel Ali.

Fro these enquiries, two further suspicios shipping containers were indentified.


Investigation into hire fraud
Estimated value: £45,000

A warrant was obtained for a property in West Yorkshire after an investigation into plant machinery that was hired with fake identification.

The machine was recovered and enquiries are ongoing.


Audi and Range Rover recovered at port
Estimated value: £87,000

NaVCIS ports team identified a shipping container that was linked to a previous investigation at Southampton Port.

Inside the container was an Audi stolen from Greater Manchester and a Range Rover stolen from West Yorkshire.