Sharing positive results that NaVCIS have achieved both independently and whilst working with partner agencies. Here are the success stories from August.

Stolen Mokka recovered in Hampshire
Estimated value: £25,000

A NaVCIS ports officer in Southampton was alerted to a possible location of a Vauxhall Mokka that was stolen during a burglary in Alton, Hampshire.

NaVCIS worked with local units and the vehicle was safely recovered in Emsworth. The car was already displaying false registration plates.

BMW located by Ports Officer
Estimated value: £15,000

This white BMW 335d was tracked to an address in Hampshire after being stolen in a burglary.

The vehicle was recovered undamaged. 

Illegally exported finance vehicle located in Bulgaria
Estimated value: £8,950

The suspected location of a stolen BWM still under finance was passed to partner agency in Bulgaria.

The stolen vehicle unit in Sofia located and seized the car within 90 minutes. The car had been re-registered in Bulgaria.