Sharing positive results that NaVCIS have achieved both independently and whilst working with partner agencies. Here are the success stories from December.

Freight crime report published

NaVCIS has published its freight crime problem profile for 2022. This annual report gives a profile of HGV, freight & cargo crime across England & Wales 2022. The report has been made publicly available.

Operation at Port of Dover recovers over half a million pounds of stolen goods
Estimated value: £550,000

Across a week of action at the Port of Dover, NaVCIS officers recovered stolen goods totalling an approximate value of £550,000. This included:

  • Two Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • Two BMW Motorcycles
  • One KTM Motorcycle
  • Four Lexus Hybrids
  • 71 Plate Audi SQ8
  • 12 cases of Jura Whisky

Joint operation with Bedfordshire Police
Estimated value: £35,500

While supporting Bedfordshire Police, two stolen caravans were identified by NaVCIS leisure officers. A Coachman Pastiche and a Bailey Unicorn had both had their original ID tampered with or removed but further investigation showed that the two vehicles had been stolen from Stafforshire.

NaVCIS Freight assist in trailer hook up theft investigations

Three men were prosecuted in and sentenced during an operation with West Midlands Police. NaVCIS Freight played a key role in bringing the offenders to justice for their crimes which included conspiracy to steal HGVs and their loads and conspiracy to steal BMW cars. 

Stolen whisky recovery

Following the recovery of the stolen whisky from the Port of Dover operation, NaVCIS were able to trace the location and vehicle that the spirit had been taken from. This was identified as a lorry in Scotland that was targetted in October. 

The whisky is due to be returned to its rightful owner.


Two cars identified and recovered with the help of international partners
Estimated value: £34,000

With help from European partner agencies, NaVCIS were able to identify and seize two stolen finance vehicles. An Audi Q7 was recovered in Constanta, Romania and an Audi A5 was intercepted by the Bulgarian LEA at a vehicle registration centre.