We’re delighted to welcome the following organisations, who are now members of NaVCIS Freight.

Their membership supports our mission to target crime that damages the road haulage and freight industry in the UK:

• FET Logistics
• Moto Hospitality
• Roadchef
• Scisco Global Solutions
• Welcome Break
• Westcoast Logistics
• Wincanton Logistics

Only NaVCIS Freight members, NaVCIS Trusted Partners, and colleagues in law enforcement receive our bulletins and reports, which provide vital information to support the industry’s response to, and defence against freight crime. 

Frederick Woolley, Managing Director of FET Logistics explains the need to be a NaVCIS Freight member:

“I was one of the original TAPA [Transportation Asset Protection Association] members and have been a member for over 20 years.

“As a security company, we [FET Logistics] need as much information as possible coming from NaVCIS to protect my staff, drivers and freight.” 

Paul Lipton, Commercial Operations Manager for Moto Hospitality shares a similar view:

“We have been working with NaVCIS for a significant number of years and the insight we get from the relationship is invaluable.

“This allows us to prioritise our resources and helps shape our future security strategy.” 

For Andy Green, Head of Security at Roadchef, the relationship with NaVCIS is invaluable:

“We’ve been working with NaVCIS for the past five years and formed a security group in conjunction with other motorway service groups, and the Road Haulage Association (RHA), in order to improve security across the motorway network in the UK.

“The information provided by NaVCIS is really important as it means we can build up an enriched picture of where the issues occur, so we can then bolster our security.

“By liaising with all police forces, thanks to connections made via NaVCIS, we are able to target harden those locations in order to prevent and detect crime.” 

Andy Newberry, Group Operations Director for Westcoast Ltd has long been an advocate for NaVCIS:

“Having worked with NaVCIS for many years now I would recommend to anyone the value of the work they do.

“Their information is invaluable in managing freight movement, they are always available for a discussion when you have an issue and they give you direct access on that occasion you have a serious problem.” 

For Warren Taylor-Smith, Supply Chain Risk and Security Manager at Wincanton, the information NaVCIS Freight supplies is crucial to their day-to-day operations:

“Wincanton’s approach to supply chain security is one of identification and control of risk, the intelligence supplied by NaVCIS is an important part of that process helping our contracts understand the emerging trends and planning mitigation that supports the safety of our driver colleagues and assets.”  

PC Mike Dawber, of NaVCIS Freight, is pleased with progress, but explains that there’s still work to be done:

“NaVCIS Freight bridges the gap between policing and the freight industry, which is why it’s so important that freight and haulage organisations have access to this material.

“We are entirely funded by industry, so we are unable to provide our information for free. This is why we’re appealing to businesses in the industry to join the scheme.”

More details on the scheme are available here.