Intelligence hub We help build the larger national intelligence picture around vehicle finance offences and associated crime. NaVCIS aim to support long term objectives by identifying and frustrating the routes used for disposing of stolen vehicles, assisting proactive operations, disseminating intelligence and building partnerships with industry. The team consists of 12 police officers and staff in total, all of whom specialise in organised vehicle crime, freight crime, agriculture and plant, leisure vehicles and the exportation of stolen assets. Our strength is our wealth of national and international contacts in industry and law enforcement and the ability to draw information directly from NaVCIS Investigations. The NaVCIS Intelligence team has specialist vehicle tracking ability for some manufacturer vehicles and is connected to UK vehicle tracking companies via points of contact in each force. Prevent, pursue, protect The intelligence we disseminate is used by partners to identify risk and strengthen business processes that prevent FLA members, for example, falling victim to organised crime. We work towards identifying active organised crime groups and closing down vehicle export routes by supplying forces with evidence and intelligence packages used to disrupt criminal activities and bring prosecutions. Our work involves proactive operations at ports, supporting national initiatives as well as monitoring the movement of stolen vehicles with an ability to intercept and recover. Intelligence operating model The Intelligence team supports the NaVCIS Investigations lead on generating and disseminating actionable intelligence packages to support the enforcement action and investigations of police forces and agencies into specific offences. This model can be summarised similarly in four stages:
  1. Assessment
  2. Investigation support
  3. Dissemination
  4. Provide support to criminal investigations