Sharing positive results that NaVCIS have achieved both independently and whilst working with partner agencies. Here are the success stories from September.

Three caravans recovered in Bedfordshire 
Estimated value: £79,000

Information received by Thames Valley Police lead to a site in Little Billington in Bedfordshire. Three caravans were recovered from the site which had been stolen from multiple locations across the UK.  


Multiple cases of criminal activity at Dorset site
Estimated value: £50,000

NaVCIS officers attended a scene with Dorset Rural Crime Team, HMRC and the Environment Agency. The officers discovered a fuel laundering set up, an illegal waste site described as the biggest that Dorset Environment agency had ever seen, and a stolen JCB Telehandler, taken from the Bedfordshire area in 2019.

BMW tracked by Southampton Port officer
Estimated value: £18,000

This stolen BMW was recovered after NaVCIS port officers secured assistance from intel. The vehicle was located in Havant, Hampshire. 

Three cars recovered with help from Bulgarian LEA
Estimated value: £48,000

NaVCIS were contacted by a Bulgarian LEA to assist with identifying 3 vehicles that were in the process of obtaining Bulgarian license plates by Romanian nationals. After urgent enquiries it was discovered that all 3 cars were financed and had been stolen from the UK. All vehichles were seized. 

NaVCIS freight disrupt large scale criminality
Estimated value: £100,000+

A recent operation involving NaVCIS freight thwarted a criminal gang whose activity had impacted many regions across the UK and internationally. Enforcement led to recovery of over £100,000 cash, a stolen Range Rover, multiple stolen plant machinery items. Further arrests led to recovery of
approximately £10,000 worth of cocaine. Evidence recovered suggests that the group were involved in drug importation.