Elaine Hardy PhD is appealing to vehicle owners who have been sold an insurance write-off to complete her survey ‘Bridging the Gap’, which is endorsed by NaVCIS.

According to investigative.research.org:

“Some sellers try to pass of Category C (S) or Category D (N) vehicles as non-damaged motors by hiding their past. The buyer might not be aware the vehicle has previously been damaged and so could pay over the odds for an insurance write-off.

“In the United Kingdom and Ireland, the resale of Category C (S) and D (N) vehicles is not controlled because there is no mechanism to determine whether these recycled vehicles are repaired to a degree such that they are secure and safe to drive.”

Elaine Hardy PhD explains the rationale for the survey:

“I was approached to help in a project to determine whether the extent of potentially unsafe category S and N vehicles in the United Kingdom (C and D in Ireland) has had consequences in terms of road traffic crashes and thus injuries or deaths, (given that the governments of both countries are unable to provide details of just how wide the problem might be).

“The most obvious route to find answers is to ask the motoring public in both countries. With the support of NaVCIS and the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund I was able to set up the project.

“Please take the time to fill it in and help us stop the practice of selling dangerous vehicles.”

Tim Booth, NaVCIS Leisure officer, explains why NaVCIS is endorsing the survey:

“Vehicle related crime can affect consumers in a number of ways. Vehicle safety can be affected where criminals interfere with the original vehicle build, and often consumers are not aware that they have purchased a ‘rebuilt’ vehicle.

“This survey is one way of securing evidence to present to legislators to seek to introduce regulations requiring an inspection, prior to the re-registration of vehicles.”

The survey is a collective effort by automotive engineers, law enforcement and research analysts to bridge the gap and improve safety standards.

It is available here: https://tinyurl.com/r5ae5z4s